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While the vast majority of claims are genuine, claims fraud is regrettably a feature of most insurance products. Fraudulent claims against our customers represent a serious financial threat and result in wasted labour.

Our zero tolerance approach to fraud:

  • We do not knowingly pay fraudulent claims
  • We do not negotiate with fraudsters
  • We always look to prosecute where evidence exists
  • We take a firm line against those attempting to defraud us

Maximum detection ensures that all staff are aware of the fraud risks and that processes are aligned to identify and refer all suspicious claims.

Thorough investigation means that experienced anti-fraud professionals are instructed to use a variety of investigative tools in a timely manner.

Prevention seeks to stop fraud from maturing through interaction with underwriters and using media to influence public perception.

Leading edge tools aim to keep ahead of the fraudsters and their ever evolving capabilities.

It’s this expertise that keeps Zurich at the forefront of fraud detection and industry initiatives. Our people are key to our success.

Zurich in Action

A fraudulent injury at work

Occupational disease fraud

Key customer benefits

Claims costs are controlled through avoidance of paying fraudulent claims

Understanding Fraud

Watch our short infographic on how we're working together with brokers to fight fraud

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