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Rehabilitation is a key tool in managing injury claims.

Zurich has a fully integrated team of health professionals who as Rehabilitation Case Managers (RCMs) can intervene in injury claims in a number of ways. The Medical Management Team provides both pre and post claim solutions to meet the needs of our customers and claims handlers.

For the majority of claims where there is a liability we seek to offer rehabilitation to claimants where this is likely to result in quicker recovery.This in turn leads to a reduction in claims cost and can result in a speedier resolution to the claim. The integration of our Medical Management Team within the claims function supports the claims handlers with detailed medical knowledge to spot anomalies and inaccuracies within medico legal reports. We offer treatment that includes physiotherapy, diagnostic and surgical solutions.

For our largest customers with significant volumes of accidents we can offer Zurich Rehabilitation.This innovative approach to injury management brings together risk management, injury management and traditional insurance to help customers.

Zurich Rehabilitation is suitable for most injuries arising from workplace accidents and offers immediate access to professional medical expertise. This early intervention can help to reduce the cost of accidents to the business.

Zurich in Action

An injury in the North Sea

An injury on the docks

An injury with a generator