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While we have a powerful team of claims handlers in our offices, certain customers and claims need on site investigation. At Zurich we believe it's beneficial to claim costs and customer relationships to have an in-house resource.

  • The Claims Inspectorate team consists of 47 vastly experienced claims inspectors who, together with four Senior Inspectors and the National Field Force Manager, cover the whole country.

  • The team mainly goes on site to investigate liability claims, as well as feeding back relevant customer issues to the claims offices and educating our customers on identifying risk management opportunities and systems issues.

  • On average, our claims inspectors are only 14 miles away from an investigation site. This enables them to build close working relationships with larger customers, understanding their businesses as well as their insurance needs.

  • Where the circumstances of a case demand, we allocate a claims inspector who will attend on site to discuss the situation with you. For our major customers, we guarantee a dedicated claims inspector.

  • With the MOJ reforms in 2013 for liability claims, our in-house team of inspectors have been key to providing fast, accurate protection by investigation, helping to keep within the new investigation timescales.

Key customer benefits

Bottom line claims cost savings, protection and enhanced fraud protection

One of our major customers said:

“Zurich Claims Inspectors understand our business; not just about insurance claims”