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Two very good reasons why you should save:

  1. Building an emergency fund - it's important to have the safety net of an emergency fund for those unplanned events life tends to throw at you - losing your job, expensive house repairs.

  2. Creating a nest egg - vital to make those planned events happen, such as getting married, saving for a home and the ever growing expense of sending your children to university.

By putting aside some money for the future, it will help you feel a whole lot more comfortable. As Spike Milligan once said "Money can't buy you happiness, but it does bring you a more pleasant form of misery".

Is the average price of a house in the UK 1

Is the average cost of raising a new born baby to the age of 21 2

Can be added to a parent's bill to support a child through university 3

Sources: 1 Nationwide (Nov 2013), 2 and 3 LV= Cost of a child report (Jan 2013)

Because your financial goals are unique to you, we offer a range of investment plans to help you achieve them.

Saving and investment plans available on the Zurich Portfolio

Zurich Cash ISA

Zurich Stocks and Shares ISA

Zurich Investment Account

Zurich Retirement Account

Other investment plans

Sterling Investment Bond (Sterling is Zurich's brand for the Investment Bond)

Zurich International Portfolio Bond

Here's a snapshot of the features available across our saving and investment plans.

Please note, the tax information is based on 2013/14 tax rules which may change in the future and depends on your individual circumstances.

It makes sense to get advice from a financial adviser if you're looking for a plan that's tailored to your specific needs and goals.

A financial adviser will also have the expertise and up-to-date knowledge to help find you better options.  Bear in mind, you will have to pay for any advice you receive.

Why you should seek advice

Working with a financial adviser who is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) can:

  • give you impartial advice to make sure you get the best deal, whether it's a Zurich product or not

  • help you gather all the information you need

  • help you understand all the little details and things you need to consider

  • work with you throughout the lifetime of the plan to make sure it still meets your needs

  • give you a greater level of protection if things go wrong. If an FCA-authorised firm gives you advice that's wrong for your circumstances, there's a system to resolve complaints and, if necessary, put things right.

Preparing for your visit with a financial adviser

It's a good idea to prepare before you speak to a financial adviser. For a start, take a look at 'Things to consider before you speak to a financial adviser'

If you haven't got a financial adviser, you can find one near you at [Zurich is not responsible for the content of external websites]

While you can manage your plan yourself, it's a good idea to look at your plan with your financial adviser once a year, or more often if you hit one of life's big events.

Find out how to keep track of fund performance, arrange changes to your investments and update your plan view the Manage my investment.

Tools and information you might find useful

Set up a Lasting Power of Attorney

Understand how you go about giving someone permission to act on your behalf as well as have access to your personal information.

Want to know how we manage your investment?

Designed to explain how unit-linked funds work, this guide may be useful if you are considering, or already have an investment in unit-linked funds with us.



I already have an Investment

If you are a Zurich, Allied Dunbar or Eagle Star customer visit our Manage my investment area.

If you are a Sterling customer visit our Sterling website.

If you are an investor in the Zurich Horizon fund range visit our Zurich Horizon page.