ODC disease fraud

In order to reduce costs for our policyholders Zurich analyses any developing trends.  Our depth of expertise, strong fraud capability and strategic claims approach enabled us to spot a worrying trend and tackle it.

Historically, fraud has not been widespread in Occupational Disease claims but in 2011 we spotted an upward trend. As a result, we analysed the issues, trained our staff to ensure they had the right skills to spot the developing fraud early on thereby developing an industry first flagging system, we then shared our knowledge with our Solicitors so that they were also aware of the issues and then we set up the Disease Industry Forum to share knowledge on the developing issue and develop best practice.

In this way, we have safeguarded our Policyholders indemnity spend and ensured that the Insurance Industry as a whole raises the bar.

In 2012 this initiative was recognised with The Insurance Times Claims Innovation of the year award, British Insurance Awards Claims Initiative of the Year and the Post magazine Claims Initiative of the Year