A fraudulent injury at work

When Shaun Summers was injured at work, he made a claim for damages totalling over £800,000. But we soon found his story didn’t add up. After conducting a thorough investigation and surveillance, we took the case to the Supreme Court. We were able to prove that his claim for ‘life-changing injuries’ was fraudulently exaggerated and in the end we only had to pay the ‘genuine’ element of his claim – just over £88,000.

This was a landmark case for the personal injury market, and it set a precedent for the industry. We received a total of 3 awards for our approach and stance on this case, including Fraud Investigation Team of the Year and Commercial Fraud Initiative of the Year in the Post Magazine Claims Fraud Awards. The case typifies Zurich’s approach to claims, keeping a focus on the wider implications for our Policyholders and the Insurance market as a whole rather than just focussing on the individual case.