An injury on the Docks

A 55 year old dock worker fell 3 metres fracturing his right distal humerus, right wrist and damaging his left wrist.

The fractures were treated via the NHS with a good outcome and in a timely manner. However he had unresolved issues with the left wrist that were not responding to conservative treatment.

A MRI scan was required and there was a 12 week wait via the NHS. Zurich’s Medical Management Team organised the MRI scan within 2 weeks and sent the results back to the NHS consultant. The MRI scan confirmed a tear that required surgical repair but again there was a significant delay of almost 5 months via the NHS for the surgery.

Zurich Medical Management Team organised a review with the same consultant on a private basis, both this and the surgery all took place within 6 weeks from the date of the case initially being referred through to Zurich.

Post operative functional physiotherapy was also organised.

Working closely with his employers Occupational Health and HR departments we facilitated a graduated return to work programme 2 months prior to the anticipated surgery date via the NHS and significantly quicker than had been expecting following the surgery. In total with the speedy return to work and private surgery we have moved this case forward at least 12 months from what was anticipated by the employer.

The cost of treatment was under £3000 and with the assistance of Zurich Rehabilitation to provide the necessary care and support for the employee, this saved the customer significant potential claims costs.