An injury in the North Sea

A 48 year old off shore scaffolder was involved in a helicopter crash in the North Sea.

He sustained soft tissue injuries to his ribs and chest, suffered from hypothermia and was also left psychologically traumatised by the fatalities.

The initial treatment provided by the NHS addressed the soft tissue injuries and the hypothermia but not the psychological issues.

The case was referred to Zurich’s Medical Management Team on day 7 post accident and the nominated Rehabilitation Case Manager (RCM) organised immediate psychological first aid.

Further sessions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) with a clinical psychologist were provided to allow him to actively re-engage in his daily activities and restore normal function.

In addition, the Zurich RCM organised private physiotherapy as the NHS did not provide any treatment for the on-going leg and back pain.

Zurich’s Rehabilitation expertise meant that NHS waiting times were reduced, and the private treatment was provided on time and in an appropriate manner. It was all completed within 4 months of the accident.

The RCM worked closely with the employer’s Occupational Health Department to develop and deliver a return to work plan.

Without the involvement of Zurich’s Medical Management Team treatment would have been significantly delayed. The early intervention from Zurich meant that a relatively small amount spent on treatment saved thousands on this case when balanced against the potential loss of earnings and additional legal fees.