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Today our world is changing faster than ever. In particular, this rings true for the SME sector and small business risk. New technologies, demographic shifts and globalisation will have a profound impact on the future of UK small businesses.

To assess this changing world, we’ve conducted research with more than 1,000 SMEs who told us what they thought the opportunities, risks and challenges would be in the near-term (2020) and longer-term (2062).

Shockingly, 45% of SMEs categorised themselves as a "web-firm" - and 44% believe that the majority of SMEs will outsource back office work by 2020. And for a more thought-provoking and different perspective, we also asked Alastair Reynolds, former scientist and noted science fiction author, for his own take on the future of the small business in 2062.

Enjoy Alastair's futurology. The most important point though is these shifts are happening today and broker advice, guidance and foresight is more important than ever.

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